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Overall project management





Construction Management

As your construction manager, we are brought on board at the same time the architect is hired working hand-in-hand with the Design Team through the entire design process. This stage of the project is commonly referred to as the Preconstruction Stage.  It is here where we develop multiple cost estimates as the design progresses, identify situations that could cause constructability issues, identify critical components that have long lead times and prepare value engineering suggestions.

Once the design is complete, we apply for and secure the necessary permits, secure competitive pricing from subcontractors and vendors and establish the Guaranteed Maximum Price for the construction of the project.  Once the GMP is established, we serve the rest of the project as a conventional contractor, building it in a safe manner, meeting all OSHA requirements, delivering a top-quality project on time and within the confines of the guaranteed maximum price.

The construction management process provides a non-adversarial, participatory team environment and allows the Owner to establish a firm price predicated on quality standards set by the whole team.


Under a design/build approach, we provide design, engineering and construction management services to our client.  The design/build delivery method provides a single entity, (The CGC Group), to our client to perform both design and construction services under a single design/build agreement.  Using this approach provides the owner with a single point of accountability for the entire project execution and in many cases has potential for a condensed design and construction schedule delivering the project in an expedited manner.

Recent research shows that the design/build project delivery system has significantly less design and construction cost growth, (i.e. change orders) when compared to design/bid/build.  Design/Bid/Build projects have the greatest design and construction schedule growth; not to mention the quality measurement associated with design/build is better than the quality performance in design/bid/build due to the contractor having little responsibility for the design aspects of the project.

Owner Representation

When the CGC Group provides Owner’s Representation services, we foster and develop a commitment amongst the entire project team to achieve the common objective of a safe, on time project completion within the Owner established quality and budget parameters.

The typical services provided under an Owner’s Representation delivery method can include:

  • Review and confirm all budget estimates submitted by the potential Construction Managers/General Contractors.

  • Oversee and coordinate the efforts of the Design Team to review the various systems and products to determine the most cost effective and timely means of construction.

  • Provide and update the overall project schedule throughout the life of the project.

  • Review scopes of work and bid packages for accuracy prior to being submitted to prequalified subcontractors and vendors.

  • Review the Guaranteed Maximum Price or Fixed Price Proposal from Construction Manager for accuracy.

  • Attend/chair the Weekly Owner’s meeting with the Construction Manager and Design Team.

  • Review the Construction Manager’s monthly Application for Payment for accuracy and percentage of completion and prepare a draw review for the Owner’s approval.

  • Inspect job site progress on a daily basis, if required, and resolve issues as needed to assure a safe project that is delivered as per the contractual cost and schedule.

  • See the project through substantial completion, punch out items, final completion, final payment and project closeout.

  • From the onset, a comprehensive Owner’s Representative Report will be issued weekly that documents all aspects of the project regardless of its stage.


Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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